Attending the conference “Improvisation for Innovation”

The coach from the Development Department of the ISSP UL, Edīte Kalniņa, attended the conference “Improvisation for Innovation” in Līgatne (Latvia) on February 22.

The purpose of participation in the conference was to gain insight into the topics of the "Improvisation for Innovation" conference organized as part of the Vidzeme Innovation Week 2023 to find ideas for new training events at the ISSP UL. The conference served as an excellent place for networking with the speakers and participants and exchanging contacts with representatives of local municipalities and entrepreneurs in the innovation field.

The ability to improvise has become more important than ever. It is not only a skill to be developed and practiced but also a method and a way of thinking. Improvisation is not about relying on luck or endless creativity - it is a planned and guided process to find new solutions in unpredictable situations.

At the conference, presenters looked at examples that proved that improvisation could be successfully used to develop new ideas in business and, for instance, in administration or a person’s individual growth. However, presenters tried to answer whether improvisation requires only knowledge, courage, will and like-minded people around.

The conference discussed whether the fear of making mistakes significantly reduced the number of potential innovations or whether making mistakes could inadvertently create innovations. Among the topics was also how practical improvisation could contribute to the growth of a person and company and how it could improve communication, solve problems, and implement previously unknown solutions.

Speakers at the conference were versed experts in the theory and practice of innovation and could share their experience in improvising. Their opinions and experience gave conference attendees the courage to implement improvisation and innovation in everyday life.

Information about the conference in Latvian