The Minister of Economics discusses comprehensive research carried out in the ISSP UL

On August 1, the Minister of Economics of the Republic of Latvia, Ilze Indriksone, visited the ISSP UL for the second time. During the visit, the minister and her office colleagues had the opportunity to practically see the comprehensive activities of the ISSP UL, including the activities taking place within the framework of the National Research Program "Innovation Fund - Sectoral Research Program" project.

This time the Minister visited the institute’s nanotechnology center and laboratories, where scientists conduct their studies in microfluidics, polymer photonics, spectroscopy, energy materials and other fields, implementing National Research Program and various other projects and industry-related orders. Ilze Indriksone and her colleagues from the Ministry could familiarize themselves with the internationally recognized ISSP UL scientific activities.

During the visit, the director of the institute, Dr. phys. Andris Anspoks shared the idea that European-level pilot lines should be created in Latvia to improve the global competitiveness of local scientists and their achievements. "The ISSP UL currently sees two possibilities - microfluidic devices and polymer photonics. There is no such thing in Europe’s common innovation and science space yet," emphasized the head of the ISSP UL.

The Minister’s first visit to the ISSP UL took place almost a year ago. Then, topical issues concerning the commercialization of scientific discoveries and meeting the innovation needs of entrepreneurs with scientists and the management of the Institute were discussed.

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