5th FAST WG2 meeting

ISSP UL Deputy Director of studies Anatolijs Šarakovskis participated in the 5th FAST WG2 meeting at the Technology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague, Czech Republic on June 14.

The main objective of the Action was to establish a multidisciplinary Network that brings together European experts from academia and industry to ultimately achieve scintillator-based detectors with time precision of better than 100ps, in particular to enable significant breakthroughs in diagnostic medicine and high luminosity particle physics.

In order to achieve this objective 5 working groups were set-up:

- WG 1 Physics, Specifications & Supervision

- WG 2 Scintillators

- WG 3 Photodetectors

- WG 4 Electronics

- WG 5 Applications

WG 2 covered the scintillation materials topics. Rich activities in WG2 were focused into three directions: the materials R&D itself (bulk crystals, nanocrystals and quantum wells, composites), various experimental methods (time coincidence resolution measurements, picosecond scintillation, luminescence and absorption spectroscopies, double beam excitation, photo-elastic spectroscopy) and theoretical calculations and phenomenological modeling focused onto specific aspects of scintillation and luminescence mechanism.