Demonstration of X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer

ISSP UL Deputy Director of studies Anatolijs Šarakovskis and Reinis Ignatāns took part in the demonstration of Physical Electronics offered X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer (XPS) during their visit to Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden on February 28 – March 2.


Physical Electronics is the world’s leading supplier of UHV surface analysis instrumentation used for research and development of advanced materials in a number of high technology fields including: nanotechnology, microelectronics, storage media, bio-medical, and basic materials such as metals, polymers, and coatings.

X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), or electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis (ESCA), is a material characterisation method that provides elemental and chemical information for solid sample with the analysing depth in few atomic layers. XPS is a valuable instrument in surface science like thin films, coatings and native oxide layers study. Wide range of materials like metals, semiconductors, ceramics, polymers and composite materials, regardless of electrical conductivity, can be analysed.


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