Dissemination and Exploitation in Horizon Europe webinar

On June 9, representatives of the CAMART2 communication and dissemination work package attended online webinar “Dissemination and Exploitation in Horizon Europe” organized by EC’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation.

The webinar was intended as an introduction for the potential Horizon Europe calls’ applicants with the changes in the Dissemination and Exploitation (D&E) requirements. During the event, the new rules of D&E were explained. The difference between the communication, dissemination and exploitation was clarified once again as well as the issue of IP management in collaborative Horizon Europe projects was addressed. Two EC services – Horizon Results Platform and Horizon Results Booster were introduced in order to support the D&E activities and give more visibility to the research performed within the scope of Horizon Europe projects.

The three-hour online event was divided in two parts. The first one was devoted to presentations  by Stephanie Weber “Introduction to the concepts of Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation”,  Arya-Marie Ba Trung “Novelties on Dissemination & Exploitation under Horizon Europe” and Ioannis Sagias and Veronica Beneitez Pinero “IP strategy in Horizon Europe projects, including ROL and some background on standardization”. The speakers represented European IP helpdesk and Common Implementation Centre, European Commission.

During the second part of the event Jörg Scherer from European IP Helpdesk & Horizon IP scan told about the “IP Management in collaborative Horizon Europe projects”, Georgios Lyssandrides from Common Implementation Centre, European Commission presented “Horizon Results Platform”. The last presented was  Alessia Melasecche from META, which is an international advisory and investment firm dedicated to the creation and scale-up of knowledge-based companies, presenting “Horizon Results Booster”.


The recorded livestream available on YouTube: