Dry Processing Workshop 2022

A young scientist from the ISSP UL’s Laboratory of Micro and Nanodevices, Aleksejs Bendins, participated in the Dry Processing Workshop 2022 hosted by TU Dresden in Dresden on 14-15 September.

The event was organized by Oxford Instruments, a significant dry processing manufacturer. Oxford Instruments PECVD and RIE ICP tools are currently installed and used at the ISSP UL. About 160 participants from research institutions and private labs from around the world attended the event.

Aleksejs Bendins attended lectures and workshops about micro and nanofabrication techniques using ALD, PECVD, and RIE ICP and about new tools offered by Oxford Instruments to advance research in the field even further.

The researcher improved his knowledge of dry etching processes, such as Bosch, mixed gas, ALD and Atomic Layer Etching (ALE), for future projects related to the development of photonic devices. He also improved his understanding of the PECVD process. Besides that, getting acquainted with the developments of LiNbO3 & InP etch and quantum device fabrication was very interesting.