Establishing collaborations with industry in Israel

ISSP UL’s Materize unit representatives, Ainars Knoks and Olga Bogdanova, visited Israel from the 24th to the 29th of March, 2023.  The main goal of this visit was to establish new collaborations with the Israeli industry. Multiple visits were planned to companies like Spectralics, ELOP/Elbit systems, and Plastics App.

With Spectralics, possible new directions were discussed, and the focus was on larger projects and new proposal directions in spectral imaging, electrochromic materials, etc.

ELOP/Elbit Systems was very interested in ISSP UL’s capabilities and new developments, including PVD, lithography and EU grants. Various topics were discussed, and common ground was found.

The meeting with Plastics App was facilitated by the Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA). Even though there is no direct collaboration possible at this moment, as they mainly work with polymer and composite R&D projects, there are future possibilities via joint grants, as the Plastics App is a good and versatile platform for new composition developments.