Experimental training at FinEstBeAMS Time-Resolved Luminescence spectroscopy Beamline at MAX IV

On May 9-16, scientific assistant Viktorija Pankratova (The Laboratory of Spectroscopy), and leading researcher Dr. Dmitry Bocharov (Laboratory of Computer Modeling of Electronic Structure of Solids) participated in experimental measurements of scintillator materials under vacuum ultraviolet excitation at FinEstBeAMS Beamline in the MAX IV Laboratory, Lund University, Sweden.

FinEstBeAMS is a beamline at the MAX IV 1.5 GeV storage ring for material science and atmospheric science. It provides ultraviolet and soft X-ray radiation with precisely controlled and widely variable parameters. The beamline has two branches: one branch is dedicated to ultra-high vacuum studies of surfaces and interfaces and the other to gas-phase experiments and photoluminescence in solids.

During the performed training new methods for characterization of wide bandgap materials, including luminescence, luminescence excitation with ultrahigh resolution (<1.5 meV), as well as luminescence decay measurements in ultraviolet, visible, and vacuum ultraviolet spectral ranges, were studied. The use of the latter in researching rare-earth-doped materials was shown. The use of the beamline to establish the bandgap of the materials, characterize the defects, and study materials with different polarizations are possible. The use of script languages for the management of measuring equipment was investigated under the guidance of the beamline engineer.