Gaining knowledge from leading experts at the Dry Etch meeting

An engineer from the ISSP UL’s Micro and Nanodevices Laboratory, Aleksejs Bendins, participated in the Dry Etch expert meeting 2023 hosted by the National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechnologies from 9th to 10th of October in Sinaia, Romania.

The event gathered 18 participants from 10 nanolabs from around the world. The meeting focused on exchanging information between leading experts in dry etching processes (e.g.  Training, Hardware, Cleaning, Conditioning, and Processing).

The topics of Teflon/polymer removal, SiO2 etching, multi-step BOSCH, Optical emission control, chamber cleaning and substrate bonding techniques were discussed, all of which are crucial topics for microfabrication technology development in ISSP UL.

Cooperation between different institutes for courses, training & spare parts exchange was also discussed. Besides, Aleksejs Bendins acquired new contacts within the ENL (EuroNanoLab) consortium and successfully suggested that the next meeting in 2024 would be held at the ISSP UL in Riga.