Gaining new experience at MAX IV synchrotron

From April 6 to 10, ISSP UL’s EXAFS Spectroscopy Laboratory (Inga Pudza) and Laboratory of Organic Materials (Kaspars Pudzs) researchers visited MAX IV synchrotron in Lund, Sweden. During the visit, they became familiar with the experimental beamlines at the synchrotron and carried out X-ray absorption spectroscopy measurements at the BALDER beamline.

This was a new experience for both scientists. MAX IV Lab is one of the best places in Europe to do high-quality synchrotron-based experiments, and during this visit, it was confirmed. At BALDER beamline, high-temperature X-ray absorption spectroscopy experiments with thermoelectric copper chalcogenides were performed using Linkam 1000°C furnace. During the visit, the beamline scientist Dr. Konstantin Klementev showed how to operate the beamline, and ISSP UL researchers collected valuable data that will result in scientific publications.

MAX IV Laboratory is a Swedish national synchrotron laboratory that has operated as a user facility since 2016. It offers access to 16 beamlines that provide modern X-ray spectroscopy, scattering/diffraction, and imaging techniques to contribute to solving scientific questions in a wide range of areas. MAX IV is the first worldwide realization of a fourth-generation light source, which has opened opportunities to develop experimental techniques based on outstanding brightness and coherence.