Group of ISSP UL researchers participate in Nordic Nanolab User Meeting 2022

On May 5-6, members of ISSP UL’s Laboratory of Micro and Nanodevices and representatives of the Institute’s Cleanroom Development and Maintenance group visited the Nordic Nanolab User Meeting 2022 hosted by Myfab Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. This biannual event was organized by Nordic Nanolab Network, a collaborative network established by the national research infrastructures for micro- and nanofabrication in the Nordic countries. Nearly 300 users of Nordic nanofabrication laboratories attended the event. Two exciting days were filled with interesting presentations, technical tutorials, and presentations of the work of nanofabrication laboratories at the poster session.

Researchers from the ISSP UL attended various lectures and workshops about micro and nanofabrication techniques: lithography, etching, thin film deposition, characterizations, etc., deepening their knowledge and expertise. Participants from ISSP UL also had an opportunity to meet and discuss research ideas and results with other scientists and attend a tour organized to Chalmers Nanofabrication laboratory. 

In a poster session, ISSP UL’s researchers presented five posters in photonics and microfluidics, and the poster Spider-silk spinning via hybrid OSTE microfluidics chip presented by Gunita Paidere won one of the three prizes.


For more information, please visit the Nordic Nanolab User Meeting 2022 website.