International Conference PFMC-16

Head of the ISSP UL Thin Film Laboratory, Juris Purāns attended 16th International Conference on Plasma-Facing Materials and Components for Fusion Applications (PFMC-16) in Neuss near Düsseldorf, Germany on May 16-19.


The performances of fusion devices and of future fusion power plants strongly depend on the plasma-facing materials and components. Resistance to heat and particle loads, compatibility in plasma operations, thermo-mechanical properties, as well as the response to neutron irradiation are critical parameters which need to be understood and tailored from atomistic to component levels. The main objective of this conference series was to provide a discussion forum for experts from research institutions and industry dealing with materials for plasma-facing components (PFCs), as well as development and qualification of PFCs to be used in current and future nuclear fusion devices.


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