ISSP UL experts explain the path of science to people

On August 19, the head of the Development Department of the ISSP UL, Jānis Latvels, and a senior expert in commercialization and innovation of the ISSP UL, Ģirts Ozoliņš, visited the commercial Radio station SWH program Intellect Will Save the World (“Prāts izglābs pasauli”) and talked about how science reaches people.

In the program, the ISSP UL’s experts explained how inventions reach everyday users and how scientists collaborate with industry, also giving an insight into the exciting projects that the institute’s scientists are currently working on.

Program Intelligence Will Save the World tells its audience about the latest technologies and innovations made in Latvia, which can help people in their everyday lives. The host of the program, science enthusiast Ieva Siliņa, invites experts and well-known Latvian scientists to jointly search for answers to questions that affect us all.

The program recording in Latvian is available in the radio archive from the 19th of August.

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