ISSP UL participates in the Raccoons initiative to facilitate general knowledge of STEM skills in youth

According to the goals set out by the CAMART2 project, ISSP UL puts its effort and uses every opportunity to encourage young people to choose their future profession in any of the STEM fields. This is why an opportunity provided by the Racoons to address youth through an online lecture was worthwhile. Dr.phys. Gatis Mozolevskis, Head of the Laboratory of Prototyping of Electronic & Photonic Devices at the ISSP UL and its leading researcher Roberts Rimša, took part in one of the episodes created by the community and told about new materials and their research in physics taking place at the ISSP UL.


The Raccoons and the company Helve have come up with the initiative to make series of STEM lectures with the aim to showcase the variety of exciting and interesting professions in tech and engineering. This initiative is being implemented with collaboration with RTU and the support of Tet.


The Raccoons is an online community that empowers students who are eager to learn by providing an environment for them to explore, learn, build, and create. The Raccoons team is determined to provide an online experience for young people of all levels of knowledge in an effort to foster curiosity about technology and research. To achieve its goals, The Raccoons creates master classes on STEM and technology topics, organizes hackathons, and creates and shares online content to help explore the vast potential of the technology industry.


Video with participation of ISSP UL’s researchers