ISSP UL’s battery researcher explains everything about batteries on commercial radio SWH

On September 2, the leading researcher and the head of the ISSP UL’s Laboratory of Materials for Energy Harvesting and Storage, Dr. phys. Gints Kučinskis was a guest on a program Intelligence Will Save the World (“Prāts izglābs pasauli”) broadcasted on a commercial radio SWH. In the program, the host, Ieva Siliņa and Gints Kučinskis, discussed everything you need to know about batteries and energy storage.

The program explained what battery farm is, how to store and use batteries so that they last as long as possible, why can’t batteries just be thrown in the trash, and what innovations are emerging in Latvia in the field of batteries and energy storage.

Program Intelligence Will Save the World tells its audience about the latest technologies and innovations made in Latvia, which can help people in their everyday lives. The program’s host, science enthusiast Ieva Siliņa, invites experts and well-known Latvian scientists to search for answers to questions that affect us all jointly.

The recording of the program in Latvian in a radio archive from 2nd September

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