ISSP UL’s Scientists’ Breakfast with the head of Latvian Hydrogen Alliance

For the March Scientists’ Breakfast, the ISSP UL’s Development Department invited Kaspars Liepiņš, the head of the Latvian Hydrogen Alliance and Chairman of the Board of \"H2Latvia\", who presented the prospects of hydrogen as an important future energy source.

The Scientists’ Breakfast not only allowed visitors to learn about hydrogen’s potential, current developments (including refrigerator-sized hydrogen installations for the home) and strategies (e.g., the idea of creating a hydrogen valley and hydrogen tunnels in Europe) but also about the current challenges for hydrogen deployment and applications in electricity storage, transport infrastructure, heating and other areas.

The event concluded with a healthy discussion and exchange of views on hydrogen and topical energy issues.

Kaspars Liepiņš is an active supporter of sustainability and green transformation and advocates for renewable energy and hydrogen technologies. Some time ago, he left the corporate world, where for the last 11 years, he had been in leading positions in oil product storage terminals. His most recent work was in the business development of the \"Ventspils nafta\" Ltd. terminal. But before that, he spent 12 years working on oil tankers, serving his way up to the ranks of a ship captain.

Currently, Kaspars is actively working on \"translating\" the still largely unfamiliar topic of hydrogen (future) economy for our society and entrepreneurs. He believes that by supporting, developing and investing in the transfer of green technologies from laboratories and pilots to corporate plants, municipal enterprises and households, we will be able to establish a sustainable economy.

The Scientists’ Breakfast is a monthly tradition of ISSP UL, where attendees can find out what’s new in a particular field of science or industry in an informal atmosphere.