Participation in Cleanroom Processes LOUNGES 2022

The head of the ISSP UL’s Cleanroom Development and Maintenance group, Dr.phys. Valdis Korsaks visited Cleanroom processes LOUNGES 2022 in Karlsruhe, Germany. V. Korsaks attended various lectures and demonstrations about Cleanroom processes: Considering Cleaning and Disinfection in our CCS, Protective clothing (PPE) in Cleanrooms, Monitoring, room pressure control and airlock control, Cleanroom cleaning - what needs to be considered?, Positive pressure and negative pressure in the room, Disposal of toxic dusts - Containment for HPAPI production, New ways in training for cleanroom personnel and etc.


The event was organized by Inspire GmbH and gathered almost 6500 visitors and over 200 companies presented interesting new products and services. The program of the event included more than 200 specialist contributions.


More information about the exhibition – here.