Physics teachers participate in workshops organized by the ISSP UL

On June 9, the ISSP UL, in cooperation with the Latvian Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry Association (LETERA) and the Latvian Physics Teachers’ Association, invited physics teachers to the Institute to participate in workshops on physics research and its use in modern technologies.

The director of the Institute, Andris Anspoks, and his colleagues introduced the teachers to the research and daily work at the ISSP UL. The teachers were also able to improve their knowledge of physics by participating in workshops run by the researchers of the Institute on the following six topics: Luminescence of materials; Absorption of optical materials; Scanning electron microscope; Obtaining thin films; Determination of material composition by XRF method; X-ray structural analysis to determine the structure of materials.

The teachers will be able to transfer the acquired knowledge to their students in schools and make the physics lessons more up-to-date with the latest research and opportunities offered by Latvian science. The workshop aimed to show the teachers the new and exciting research directions and equipment available in Latvia to convey this information to their students. Hopefully, for some of the students, science will become their profession.