Plasmonica 2018 in Florence

Ilze Aulika from ISSP UL MATERIZE sales unit participated in the international workshop on plasmonics and its applications Plasmonica 2018 in Florence, Italy on July 4-6.


Plasmonica is an annual event aimed at bringing together a thriving community of people that hold Plasmonics as their major field of research. In particular, the conference aims at attracting the interest of young researchers, PhD students and post-doctoral fellows from Italy and abroad in order to promote discussions and collaborations on challenging problems arising in the community. The conference covers both fundamental aspects and applications of plasmonics with a strong focus on the interaction between light and matter at the nanoscale. PLASMONICA 2018 was promoted by the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Florence, the Department of Chemistry of the University of Pisa, and it is supported by SIOF.


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