Representatives from ISSP UL participate in forums in Scandinavia

On October 15-18, representatives from ISSP UL Laboratory of Prototyping of Electronic & Photonic Devices, Laboratory of Materials for Energy Harvesting and Storage and MATERIZE Project participated in the

1) forum  "Creating conditions for healthy growth" in Uppsala,

2) Optics & Photonics in Sweden conference 2019, in Electrum, Kista and

3) Quantum Flagship event: "Exploring and Making Quantum Technology" in Helsinki Finland.

The forum "Creating conditions for healthy growth" was the first time that representatives from the entire Uppsala life science sector – from global businesses and start-ups to universities and government offices – could meet to discuss the needs, challenges and opportunities of the local industry.

There were two parallel sessions in the Optics & Photonics in Sweden conference 2019: one was devoted to presentations from academia and one to industry presentations. Keynote speakers highlighted European research and developments. A poster session provided an additional opportunity to display the most recent developments and achievements. It gave an overview of Optics and Photonics in Sweden and Scandinavia and offered a good platform for creating new collaborations. An exhibition and a session with company presentations was held in parallel to the technical sessions to provide industry, institutes and associations an opportunity to display their products and services and bridge the gap between science and industry.

Quantum Flagship event was two-day event giving an opportunity for the scientific community, industry representatives as well as policymakers to come together to set the basis and define the next steps for the advancement of these technologies in the region.

The first day was focused on giving an overview of the present and future of the quantum technologies landscape and underlying infrastructures in the framework of pan-European initiatives such as the Quantum Flagship and national and regional initiatives such as Quantum Technology Finland, among others. The second day focused on the overall scientific strategy of the Quantum Flagship, specifically on its Strategic Research Agenda, and related initiatives, inviting the community to actively participate and provide additional feedback to different aspects of the future goals of initiative.

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