Scientific workshop "From fundamental physics towards applications”

The scientific workshop “From fundamental physics towards applications” was organized by Horizon 2020 ASCIMAT (Advanced Scintillation Materials) project team in Prague, Czech Republic on April 12-13 and attended by Dr.phys. Anatolijs Popovs from ISSP UL Laboratory of Kinetics in Self-Organizing Systems.


This event took place at The Technology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences, of which FZU is a member. The Technology Centre is a key national institution for the research and development infrastructure, and it carries out oriented research in the area of science, technologies and innovations.


The objective of the workshop was to educate on the latest scientific and technical progresses on scintillation materials. The first day of the workshop involved a variety of scientific lectures at the 69th Crystal Clear Collaboration meeting. The second day was more interactive, with students and post-docs invited to present their research work to the audience for feedback and support.


Approximately 30 participants attended this event, including registered students and post-docs from the ASCIMAT partner institutions, FZU, CERN, ILM and UNIMIB.


The overall aim of the H2020 ASCIMAT project is to boost the scientific excellence and technology-transfer capacity in advanced scintillating materials of the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences (Fyzikální ústav ČAV, v.v.i. - FZU) by creating a network with the high-quality Twinning partners: European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Institut Lumière Matière - Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (ILM), Università degli Studi di Milano - Bicocca (UNIMIB), and Intelligentsia Consultants.


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