Visit to MESAP Innovation Custer in Torino

On June 6, Ilze Aulika from ISSP UL MATERIZE sales unit participated in the event Polo di Innovazione della Meccatronica e dei Sistemi Avanzati di Produzione (MESAP Innovation Cluster - Smart Products and Manufacturing) in Torino, Italy.


Companies joined SPM 2018 the yearly convention organized by MESAP to talk with its members and regional stakeholders about smart manufacturing, the next generation technologies and  the strategies  to face up  the digital future challenges  and  create value  for companies.


The theme of this year has been related to IoT possibilities in industry and the role of the open innovation in production but also in spreading IoT "culture" thanks to the speech of Leonardo Company, Arduino and SKF to name a few.


SPM meant a possibility to discuss with all companies about the challenges of innovation and to listen their personal solutions, their problems and proposals to be more competitive and finally access to new industrial paradigm.