Visit to Thermo Fisher Scientific center

On October 26 – 29, researchers from Laboratory of Materials Morphology and Structure Investigation and Laboratory of Optical Materials of ISSP UL visited Thermo Fisher Scientific customer demo and production center Europe NanoPort in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Within the framework of Camart2 project, the ISSP UL aims to purchase a high-end scanning electron microscope (SEM) for materials science and industries’ needs. In order to choose the best tool, the potential SEM producers were surveyed and the most promising (Tescan, Zeiss, Thermo Fisher (former FEI)) were visited with application targeted test samples.

During the two-day visit, basic skills in high resolution SEM and Ga-ion FIB processing were obtained, training with actual SEM-FIB (dual beam) models, including industry-leading Helios 4 and Helios 5 was done, additional configurable devices: nanomanipulators, gas injection systems, further electron and ion detectors, energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, semi-automatic load-locking equipment were studied.