Visiting EuroLCDs in Latvia

On December 14, 2022, Development Project Manager Dāvis Kalniņš from the Materize team and the Head of ISSP UL Infrastructure Department Valdis Korsaks visited the production site of the company EuroLCDs in Ventspils, Latvia. The company aims to fill the niche in the market that demands products based on various LCD products for both emerging 3D visualization applications and different industrial applications for the medical and defense sectors. EuroLCDs cooperates closely with their sister companies, HansaMatrix and Lightspace Technologies.

The company is interested in ISSP UL’s cleanroom capabilities and would like to move some of its equipment to the institute’s facilities. During the visit, Valdis Korsaks and Dāvis Kalniņš had the chance to have a small tour of the company’s production site and could closer inspect the production equipment to confirm that it could be moved to the institute’s cleanrooms.

ISSP UL’s representatives also talked with the plant manager and board member Ainārs Ozols about their specific needs and interests. The main goal of moving the equipment to the institute’s facilities is to carry out R&D projects and small-scale production more efficiently while opening opportunities to access the institute’s scientists’ expertise and available research tools, such as ALD and PECVD equipment. The possibility of organizing training sessions to use the institute’s equipment, which would increase the competencies and work efficiency of the company’s employees, was also discussed.