Visiting potential consortium partner FunGlass in Slovakia

Head of the ISSP UL’s Open Laboratory, Dr. Phys. Ainārs Ozols, visited the Centre for Functional and Surface Functionalized Glass (FunGlass) to add this center of excellence as a consortium partner in Horizon WIDERA project Pathway to Excellence.

During the visit, the following agenda items were discussed and addressed: the capacity of the center in terms of administrative and scientific actions, the potential role of all consortium partners, the role of associated industry partners, the division of project work packages, laboratory equipment relevant to project call requirements.

FunGlass was chosen as a potential consortium partner because it has adequate capacity to build successful cooperation and fulfil the project requirements. The center has excellent capabilities to scale up coatings and work on ceramic material corrosion issues. The duration for the project has been proposed – 3 years, with a start in the second part of 2024. Notable is the ability to accommodate and finance PhD students in this field.

For more information about the potential consortium partner FunGlass, please visit their webpage.