Worthwhile lessons from participation in Photonics Partnership Annual Meeting 2023

The head of the ISSP UL’s Laboratory of Organic Materials, Dr.phys. Aivars Vembris attended the "Photonics Partnership Annual Meeting 2023" organized by the "Photonics 21" platform on April 26-27 in Brussels, Belgium.

The Photonics Partnership Annual Meeting 2023 gathered experts from industry, research, public organizations and politicians to discuss and shape the future of photonics. This year’s Annual Meeting focused on critical value chains for Europe’s strategic autonomy.

The European Technology Platform Photonics21 unites most of the leading photonics industries and relevant R&D stakeholders along the whole economic value chain throughout Europe. Today Photonics21 has more than 3,800 members. The platform aims to establish Europe as a leader in developing and deploying photonics technologies within the various applications fields such as ICT, lighting, industrial manufacturing, life science, safety and in education and training.

Aivars Vembris shared his experience and presented the valuable lessons learned during the Photonics Partnership Annual Meeting during the ISSP UL’s Scientists’ Breakfast in May. After the presentation about the attended event, participants were invited to ask questions and get involved in a discussion about photonics.

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