ISSP UL’ researcher talks about the innovative broadband optical amplifier prototype on National Radio

On June 8, the leading researcher from ISSP UL’s Laboratory of Materials for Energy Harvesting and Storage, Dr. phys. Jurģis Grūbe and the researcher from Riga Technical University Institute of Telecommunication (RTU IT), Dr. phys. Andis Supe were guests at the Latvian National Radio 1 program “Zināmais Nezināmajā” (Known in the Unknown) and told the listeners about the interdisciplinary project implemented by the ISSP UL and RTU IT. The program was devoted to the properties of magnetism and how those could provide valuable applications in various industries.

The researchers explained to the listeners that within the framework of the implemented project an innovative broadband optical amplifier prototype was created. A special fiber was used to amplify the signal. The developed prototype has been tested by researchers for some time and is intended for, for example, optical Internet and everything related to data transmission.

The recording of the program in Latvian is available from here