ISSP UL’s researchers co-authors of scientific article in Journal of Materials Chemistry C (IF 7.059)

In its issue No 14, 2021, Journal of Materials Chemistry C (IF 7.059) has published an article “The local atomic structure and thermoelectric properties of Ir-doped ZnO: hybrid DFT calculations and XAS experiments” (DOI 10.1039/D1TC00223F ). The authors of the article are researchers A. Chesnokov, D. Gryaznov, E. A. Kotomin, M. Zubkins, A. Kuzmin, A. Anspoks, J. Purans from ISSP UL’s Laboratory of Kinetics in Self-Organizing systems, Laboratory of Thin Films and EXAFS Spectroscopy Laboratory and their colleagues from KTH-Royal Institute of Technology N. V. Skorodumova and Synchrotron SOLEIL - A. Zitolo.

Zinc oxide (ZnO) is a widely studied semiconductor material, whose properties are determined by intrinsic and impurity defects. In the article, the authors used X-ray absorption spectroscopy at the Ir L3-edge and hybrid density functional theory calculations to elucidate the effect of iridium impurity on the structure and properties of Ir-doped ZnO thin films with special emphasis on their thermoelectric applications.

The work was supported by the ERAF Project No. Calculations were performed under the Project HPC-EUROPA3 (INFRAIA-2016-1-730897), with the support of the EC Research Innovation Action under the H2020 Programme. Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia as the Center of Excellence has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme H2020- WIDESPREAD-01-2016-2017-TeamingPhase2 under grant agreement No. 739508, project CAMART2 .


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