LABRAINS founder shares expertise on eco-cosmetics and skin health at ISSP UL’s Scientists’ Breakfast

On January 25, the ISSP UL’s Development Department hosted an engaging Scientists’ Breakfast, marking the first of the year. The event featured a special guest, Līga Brūniņa, founder and manager of LABRAINS, an eco-cosmetics and skincare company based in Latvia.

The event’s focal point was Līga Brūniņa’s insightful presentation on "The effect of preservatives and solvents used in cosmetics on the health of the skin." Attendees gained valuable knowledge about potential substitutes for enhancing skin health and learned about innovative technologies in cosmetics designed to avoid harmful solvents.

Scientists’ Breakfast guest Līga Brūniņa has more than fifteen years of experience in the cosmetics industry. She shared her passion and expertise with the audience. Her dedication to creating environmentally friendly solutions for skincare was evident throughout the discussion.

LABRAINS is an eco-cosmetics brand based in Latvia that offers innovative, environmentally friendly, high-quality skincare products. The company’s chemical technologists, marketing, and quality managers demonstrate their commitment to science, nature, and cosmetics.


The Scientists’ Breakfast is a monthly tradition of ISSP UL, where attendees can find out what’s new in a particular field of science or industry in an informal atmosphere.