Latvian TENACHEM interested in ISSP UL’s capabilities and expertise in material characterization

Representatives of the Materize team, Olga Bogdanova, Ainārs Knoks and Dāvis Kalniņš, were invited by TENACHEM to visit their production site located in Dobele, Latvia. TENACHEM is the largest manufacturer of construction chemistry in the Baltic States and one of the leading suppliers of sealants for the glass industry in Europe. Their main products are sealants for insulating glass units (IGU) based on polysulphide, polyurethane, or MS Polymer components.


During the visit, representatives of the Materize team had the opportunity to see the production, research, and quality control facilities, talk with the R&D manager about specific needs and interests, and further strengthen the relationship with TENACHEM.


The company plans to develop new products and perform quality control, for example, adhesion strength and hardness measurements of the sealant and used raw materials. TENACHEM is especially interested in ISSP UL’s SEM and XPS capabilities to characterize the filler material they intend to incorporate in their sealants. Other technologies available at the ISSP UL that could be relevant to TENACHEM are TGA, FTIR, and XRD, which analyze the raw materials and the end product. Currently, the company is purchasing these services from other sources. Still, the Materize team plans to offer a competitive solution in terms of price and performance, so the characterization technologies TENACHEM needs would be available in one place.