Scientific trip to the Nanoscience laboratory at the University of Trento

From 13 to 15 September, the leading researchers from the ISSP UL’s Laboratory of Organic Materials Ph.D. Arturs Bundulis and Dr. Phys. Aivars Vembris visited the Nanoscience Laboratory at the University of Trento to discuss possible scientific collaboration and joint project submission with the head of the laboratory Professor Lorenzo Pavesi.

The main focus of the discussion was on quantum photonics and the knowledge transition from the University of Trento to the ISSP UL. During the visit, details regarding a joint twinning project submission were discussed regarding the development of quantum light sources based on polymer materials. Nanoscience Laboratory’s vast experience in quantum photonic device characterization would play a key role in this project. The ISSP UL team was also introduced to different research topics carried out at the University of Trento and given a tour through laboratories. The main focuses were on entangled photon detection, quantum key distribution protocols, quantum random number generation, Artificial intelligence usage in photonic chip programming, and other topics.

Through this trip, a good base for collaboration between the University of Trento and the ISSP UL was established that could help to develop quantum photonics research at the institute.