Visiting Estonian cutting-edge companies

At the end of February 2022 Materize Sales Director, Olga Bogdanova visited Estonian high-tech companies to introduce them to ISSP UL expertise fields and offered services.

During the visit, three companies were visited and common interests mostly in fields of characterization, coating and cleanroom services were discussed.

Olga Bogdanova visited the company PowerUP - the manufacturer of the world’s first portable hydrogen fuel cell-based smart generator. PowerUP’s generators are based on proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells, which makes power generation efficient and environmentally friendly. The company is interested in characterization (SEM + FIB, TEM, XPS, XRD, EPR, Micro-RAMAN, FTIR and others), battery cycling tests (up to 12V, 5A), and catalyst coating (magnetron sputtering or spray coating).

Materize Sales Director also had a successful meeting with company Fact Industries specializing in 3D printing of metal, metal-ceramic and ceramic composite, and plastic parts. Additionally – CNC machining and 3D modelling. The company is interested in XRD, EDAX, XPS or other characterization methods. Possible common collaboration opportunities with the company’s R&D Department were discussed.

The third meeting was with Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) company Enics, which offers end-to-end EMS services ranging from engineering, full-scale manufacturing, and after-sales services to sourcing and supply chain management. The company is interested in characterization and ISSP UL’s expertise in sensor development, as well as cleanroom services.

The Estonian market has a great potential for services offered by ISSP UL as there are many rapidly growing high-tech companies.  The Materize team are planning to cooperate with this market more closely in the nearest future.