Visiting KTH’s Electrum Lab

On November 6 – 7, the head of the ISSP UL’s Infrastructure Department, Valdis Korsaks, and a representative from the Development Department, Ainārs Ozols, visited KTH’s Electrum Lab Cleanroom in Stockholm, Sweden.

The event was organized by the KTH, and during the two-day visit, ISSP UL’s representatives got to know Electrum lab services and good organizational practices and learned about the support provided to external industrial customers and fulfilment and payment of industrial customer requirements.

A comprehensive discussion unfolded during the meeting with Electrum Lab representatives, covering a spectrum of crucial topics. Firstly, attention was devoted to the intricate processes associated with AOL and the safety considerations surrounding the dangerous gas supply system. Delving further into operational aspects, the conversation shifted towards addressing the servicing dynamics for industry clients renting spaces within the ISSP UL. Notably, a strategic focus was devising a novel cost model tailored specifically for cleanrooms, aiming to enhance efficiency and resource allocation. The integration of laboratories into ISO 9001 procedures was also explored, reflecting a commitment to maintaining high-quality standards. Additionally, the meeting saw a discussion about a new mechanism to attract industry clients, signaling a proactive approach towards business development and sustainability.

Overall, the meeting encapsulated a forward-looking agenda, emphasizing innovation, safety, and client-centric strategies within laboratory operations.