Learning about EXAFS spectra measuring at the DESY research center

At the end of October, representatives from the ISSP UL’s EXAFS spectroscopy laboratory visited the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY) research centre in Hamburg, Germany, to perform X-ray absorption measurements.  One of the EXAFS laboratory representatives was an engineer Julija Lukaševiča who visited the center for the first time. The purpose of her visit was to gain knowledge about working at a synchrotron, the primary data source for the EXAFS spectroscopy laboratory.


Thanks to the work at DESY and existing theoretical knowledge, Julija Lukaševiča added practical skills that helped her understand the process of obtaining spectra and further analysis of thereof even better. Julija practiced sample preparation and measuring in different modes, on-the-spot processing and evaluating the spectra and observed and understood the construction and operating principles of PETRA III beamline and other facilities at DESY.


During the stay, many samples have been measured and can now be analyzed, resulting in multiple scientific papers and Julija’s Master’s Thesis.

Established in 1959, DESY is one of the world’s leading accelerator centers with large-scale facilities to explore the microcosm in all its variety – from the interactions of tiny elementary particles and the behavior of new types of nanomaterials to biomolecular processes that are essential to life.