Visiting battery researchers in Germany

At the beginning of September, the leading researcher from ISSP UL’s Laboratory of Materials for Energy Harvesting and Storage, Dr. Phys. Gints Kucinskis, visited fellow scientists working at three different institutes in Stuttgart and Ulm (Germany): Dr. Markus Joos, a researcher at Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Dr. Denis Kopljar, group leader at German Aerospace Center, and Dr. Thomas Waldmann and Dr. Mario Marinaro – team leaders at ZSW: Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Wurttemberg.

The purpose of the meetings was to gain new knowledge on the research of Li-ion and Na-ion battery materials, strengthen international ties, search for common interests, and establish a willingness to participate in joint project proposals.

During the meeting with Dr. Markus Joos (MPI), the focus was discussions on solid electrolytes, as ISSP UL’s group is getting ready to start research on all-solid-state Li-ion batteries. During the meeting with Dr. Denis Kopljar (DLR) – establishing interest in participating in joint project proposals and searching for common interests (Na-ion battery materials and single-particle measurements were identified as the most likely common interest) were discussed, while with Dr. Thomas Waldmann (ZSW) – completing a joint scientific publication and discussing potential future collaboration was in the center of the attention. Gints Kučinskis and Dr. Mario Marinaro (ZSW) discussed the possible preparation of research articles (cathode for Na-ion batteries and review on protecting coatings for Li-ion batteries) and continuing collaboration with the joint proposal.