10th International Meeting “Electroceramics for End Users X - PIEZO 2019

Scientists from ISSP UL participated in the 10th International Meeting “Electroceramics for End Users X - PIEZO 2019” and the related Winter School, which both were held in Špindlerův Mlýn in the Czech Republic from January 27 to 30. The scope of the Piezo 2019 conference was advances in electroactive materials and devices, with a particular focus on piezoceramics.

This included advances in material development; synthesis technologies; application concepts and device design and modelling; characterisation methods and fundamentals.

The conference focused on the following materials: piezoelectrics, ferroelectrics, relaxors, ceramics, lead-free ceramics, very high-temperature piezoelectrics, thick films, and thin films.

The Meeting comprised of 27 talks and 19 poster presentations from academia and industry and covered a broad spectrum of topics ranging from technology, fundamentals, device design, modelling, advanced characterization, to end-user products. 

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