ISSP UL expands its horizons within RIX-STO collaboration platform

Within the scope of CAMART2 RIX-STO collaboration platform, head of ISSP UL’s Cleanroom Development and Maintenance group Valdis Korsaks and leading researcher from ISSP UL’s Thin Films Laboratory Edgars Butanovs visited Chalmers University of Technology in Lund, Sweden, where they participated in a meeting devoted to the future improvements of ISSP UL’s Open Access Laboratory (OAL) facilities and improvement of LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) operation. LIMS system producers from the Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience (MC2) of Chalmers University of Technology led the meeting and introduced participants with the upcoming plans for the system available to the users at the ISSP UL in 2022.  

ISSP UL’s representatives also took part in the meeting at ProNano lab in Lund, where Edgars Butanovs discussed the previously successful RIX-STO collaboration relating to Ga2O3 research* and possible joint research directions in the future, while Valdis Korsaks visited ProNano lab’s ISO 5 class cleanrooms and facilities, where he was introduced with some of the tools available at ProNano lab. During the meeting, participants discussed the future collaboration possibilities for ISSP UL’s OAL, which would be more focused on industry clients and their needs.

After the meeting at ProNano lab, Peter Ramvall, senior expert from RISE, said that it was a very interesting meeting and it was valuable to get the opportunity to meet with Edgars, with whom previous collaboration involved sending and receiving samples and discussing the scientific details over email and MS Teams. Ramvall said “To meet in person gave us the opportunity to verify what we have done during the cooperation so far and make an outline for future work and see what is realistic given the short time line. We could also discuss in detail the possibilities that may open for a future cooperation.” Peter Ramvall also discussed the ISSP UL’ s OAL with Valdis Korsaks and commented that ISSP UL had an impressive set of tools for synthesis and evaluation/characterization of materials.

ProNano on the campus of Lund University is Sweden’s first test and demonstration environment for the industrialization of nanotechnology-based materials, processes, and components.

* There is an on-going international research collaboration between ISSP UL-RISE-KTH on ultra-wide bandgap semiconductor materials, particularly on Ga2O3 and GaN, which was recently initialized through the CAMARTproject. In the joint research, ISSP UL provides its experience in the field of materials synthesis and characterization, but KTH and RISE in the field of device design and manufacturing. This ongoing cooperation has so far been successful in applying for research grants and producing joint scientific publications.